About Us

LoansOnline, Inc. has been initiated by ReviMedia’ s founders Sebastiaan Offers and Frans van Hulle and is managed together with Jeroen Rozenberg. LoansOnline is the licensed Mortgage loans lead generation entity of ReviMedia, which offers leads to mortgage companies such as lenders and brokers with specific lead requirements, tailored to meet their expertise and state location of operation.

About LoansOnline.com

Frans and Sebastiaan originally started ReviMedia, a groundbreaking online lead generation company. In the last decade, they have become part of the online lead generation elites in the market space and established a set of well-known and respected lead generation brands. They have helped develop the performance marketing space and own the full-service lead exchange platform called PX. The PX platform is built with sophisticated technology to fully automate, manage and monitor any lead generation process, from consumer input to buyer acquisition of the lead.

As an integral part of PX, our innovative team of developers has created sophisticated lead scoring and verification technology which enables our clients to fire up their performances and increase their revenue with higher lead conversions.

In the recent years Jeroen joined the ReviMedia team having worked with the founders in previous business ventures and now is leading the vertical Finance and has come on board as the Managing Director of LoansOnline. Having completed the SAFE MLO licensing certification and educational requirements, his goal is to offer high-quality mortgage leads to mortgage companies and offer consumers for free, easy and fast access to a large group of lenders.

LoansOnline will also provide easy to understand information about getting a loan or refinancing a loan. We strive to help any consumer getting started in the loan application process with the best lender partners to pick from.

Connect with our Team:

Jeroen Rozenberg: LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/jeroenrozenberg
Sebatiaan Offers: LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/basoffers/
Frans van Hulle: LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/fransvanhulle